Australian restaurant with bad manners on the menu goes global

At Karen’s Diner, bad manners are on the menu and clever waiters knock tables over for customers.

Their first store opened last year in Sydney to great success and their staff have gone viral online, for their rude and cheeky service.

But now the Australian restaurant chain is taking over the world.

At Karen’s Diner, bad manners are on the menu. (A current affair)

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What’s behind the name?

A Karen, by definition, is a woman who is seen as entitled, obnoxious and demanding in a public setting.

We’ve seen many examples of Karens over the past two years, but this restaurant is grabbing them by the horns and opening dozens of restaurants in Karen’s name.

A waitress lets customers tear. (A current affair)

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A topical matter visited the newly opened Karen’s Diner in Melbourne and, as expected, received a rather unpleasant welcome.

For journalist Sam Cucchiara, waitress Kali was one of the toughest interviews of her career.

Cucchiara asked Kali a few questions, including asking her if she had always had a potty mouth.

Current Affair reporter Sam Cucchiara spoke to waitress Kali. (A current affair)

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“Yes. Next question,” she joked.

Kali said they often had people walking into the restaurant who had no idea what Karen’s Diner was, but she said she quickly put them in their place.

“I tell them to do their f—— homework,” she said.

“As for parents with young kids, ‘They f—— love it.’

While the service can be terrible, the food isn’t half bad.

The guests told A topical matter they were quite impressed with the quality of the food.

With Karen’s 60s American dinner theme – burgers, fries and chicken wings are on the menu. (A current affair)

With Karen’s 60s American Diner, burgers, fries and chicken wings are on the menu.

You might be thinking, “Poor Karens of the world”, but in the case of Karen’s Diner, anyone named Karen is treated like royalty, with Karens offering a free drink if they can prove their title.

Karen’s Diner is now set to open a host of Karen’s Diner locations around the world, including New York and London.

The Australian franchise has big plans to launch 11 restaurants in the US this year, as well as opening stores in Brisbane and the Gold Coast in just weeks.

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