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Signe Friedrichs, 2020-2021 Herndon Rotary Club Rotarian of the Year and President of the Satellite Club of Herndon Rotary, joins Rudy Tassara, former President of the ArtsHerndon Club for a photo. The site was one of several sites created by the Satellite Club during the pandemic as a donation repository. Photo by Mercie Hobson.

As the COVID-19 pandemic raged in her hometown of Herndon, Rotarian Signe Friedrichs disguised herself and gathered other masked service volunteers, business leaders and leaders of nonprofits . Together, they worked together to make their small town’s 4,293 square miles a better place for everyone to live. In tandem with others, Friedrichs brought forward the ideas of individuals willing to make a difference and listened to other individuals struggling to survive during the pandemic.

Friedrichs received the Distinguished Rotarian of the Year Award 2020-2021 at the Herndon Rotary Club regular meeting on Wednesday morning, June 30. The club had recently returned to the Amphora Diner Deluxe in Herndon after meeting virtually during the first year of the 19 pandemic. Unlike other pre-pandemic years, there was no awards ceremony, no hotel banquet hall, testimonials or toast, just Friedrichs and his fellow Rotarians at the 7:30 am meeting at the restaurant. local.

FRIEDRICHS later said she was surprised when Rudy Tassara, Club President, presented her with the award. She was recognized for her exceptional dedication and demonstration of “Service Before You” and principled commitment to the organization’s four-way test.

According to Tassara, Friedrichs had always been “super active” at the Club. She joined in 2011, but during the pandemic Friedrichs “was definitely number one.”

“The only events we did at the Club were at Signe,” Tassara said in an interview after the presentation.

As president of the Herndon Rotary Satellite Club, Friedrichs’ unbridled enthusiasm has magnetized others, Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike, project after project. “The pandemic has been difficult for service clubs,” Friedrichs said days after receiving the award.

“The Herndon Rotary Satellite Club, which I chair, chose to organize drives for food and other essentials and children’s books to meet the dire needs of this community because these events could take place in any safety during the pandemic and because our members are highly motivated. through service to others, ”Friedrichs said.

Elysa Berman from Herndon is a member of the Rotary Club of Herndon. She served with Friedrichs for over a decade in multiple organizations and charitable efforts.

“Signe has done so much in the year 2020-2021, including hosting multiple food drives, hosting weekly cleanups, creating a safer and healthier environment, and so much more,” Berman said. “Sign truly epitomizes service above oneself and is a shining star for Rotary and the Herndon community,” said Berman.

“Thanks to ArtsHerndon, Green Lizard Cycling and Weird Brothers Coffee for providing shelter and support, and to the Green Lizard Foundation for their generous donation,” Friedrichs said, not wanting to forget anyone.

SHEILA OLEM, Mayor of Herndon, wrote to Friedrichs as Mayor: “Your service to the community through food drives has had a positive impact on the lives of others, and I am happy to see you recognized for your service. “

On Tuesday evenings, community members can find Friedrichs seated on the town of Herndon podium, representing all of the town’s voters. Friedrichs, a member of Herndon City Council for a third term, is the former executive director of ArtsHerndon, previously known as the Herndon Arts Council, the city’s recognized arts agency. She has a background of working in the non-profit administration sector and is a member of the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The main club, Herndon Rotary Club, since July 3, meets every Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. at Amphora on Elden Street in the town of Herndon. The Satellite Club meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, at 6 p.m., at various locations in the city. For more information, contact the Club Executive Secretary, Stephane Porter.

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