A retro Drive-In Diner arrives at 6ix



Summer in Toronto is not only patio season, but also unique events and food concepts! And this is an event that you are definitely going to want to check out. We’re talking about a 50s-themed retro dinner with inline skating, disco vibes, and work.

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Retro dinner at the wheel

Dusty Star Drive Dinner

Of course, one of the funniest things to look forward to is the food. Wondering what’s going to be on the menu? Customers can expect all kinds of classic dishes and drinks like burgers, milkshakes, root beer floats, hot dogs and more. Items will also be brought to picnic tables or cars by waiters on roller blades.

The entire menu is a combination of restaurants and local chefs, including Tanto, Super Empanada, and Uncle Mikey’s. There will be music from DJ’s, which will be a mix of pop, disco, soul and others. You can even bring your own roller skates to spin some tunes.

If you don’t have access to a car, don’t worry, picnic tables will also be set up at the pop-up. Whether you are driving or want to be seated at the table, you need to book a time slot in advance, each an hour and a half. The picnic table is limited to a maximum of six people and a minimum of two people.

Tickets for the retro drive-in dinner are priced at $ 25 per car seat or picnic table. The pop-up will run for a weekend only from August 12 to 15 in the parking lot of the Galleria shopping center. Tickets can be purchased online here.


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