8 of the Best Waterfront Restaurants in Newburgh, NY

When the weather starts to warm up, everyone starts heading for the river. One of the best places to view the Hudson River is on Newburgh’s waterfront. Over the years, it has become a year-round destination for local Hudson Valley residents and visitors to the area.

Waterfront activities, including boating and fishing, are two things that bring people to Newburgh Docks. It’s also a great place to walk or bike along the Hudson River and take in the views. Growing up in Orange County, I had the opportunity to see the waterfront take shape into the place it has become.

Where to eat on the Newburgh NY waterfront

Even looking at the development over the years, I could never have imagined how the Newburgh Hudson River waterfront would become an ideal destination, especially as a foodie stopover. It has truly become a place you seek or seek out for a good dinner. I don’t believe there is anywhere else along the Hudson River where you can find so much culinary variety with such incredible waterfront views.

From Blu Pointe offering fresh fish and premium beef to Captain Jake’s offering seafood in a more casual dockside setting, you’ll find what you want to eat and a view to enjoy while enjoying your meal. Billy Joe’s Ribworks, known for its unrivaled barbecue using a signature smoking process and signature sauces, is also known for being the place to dance the night away on Newburgh’s largest outdoor waterfront terrace.

Newburgh NY Waterfront Dining Opportunities

Waterfront restaurants in Newburgh in New York

He has boats. There is entertainment and there is an amazing selection of food and drink. Admire Newburgh’s beautiful waterfront on the historic Hudson River while enjoying premium food and drink. Fine and casual dining with the backdrop of the Hudson River from the Newburgh Beacon Bridge to the north and Bannerman’s Castle to the south. What the river and boats pass by while enjoying every type of food you can imagine, from pizza and seafood to steaks, barbecues and even tacos, you can have it all at these 8 restaurants in the Newburgh seafront.

Dining Opportunities in the Kingston NY Stockade Neighborhood

Kingston Stockade District Restaurants

This is by no means a list of every restaurant in the Kingston Stockade area, but we had to start somewhere. This, however, is a great sample of the variety you’ll find if you visit Uptown Kingston for your next meal.

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