52 restaurants (week 22): Heirloom MKE

It’s more important than ever to support our local restaurants. And there’s no better way to do that than to commit to hanging out with them year-round. To help guide you on your journey, I’ve put together a list of 52 restaurants (one for each week of 2022) that should be on your Milwaukee dining list. See the full list here.

Food Truck, (262) 229-1157
new american

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It’s a bit unprecedented for a food truck to make this list, but Heirloom really deserves recognition for its menu of local cuisine, which would be just as appropriate if served in a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Visit the truck and you’ll find the most anticipated casual fare, including a delicious burger, hot chicken sandwich, tempeh reuben, and some of the best fried cheese curds in the country. And yes, you should try them all. But don’t stop there.

From succulent hand-stretched buratta cheese, currently served with heirloom tomato salad and pesto, to their seasonal braised beef rib preparation (currently served with jalapeño masa cake, black bean and red pepper salad and chimichurri), you will find something unexpected at every turn.

Recommended: handmade burrata; steamed mussels with cream and herbs; and braised beef ribs.

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