10 Virginia Beach Restaurants Offering Delicious Bites

Virginia Beach is home to some of the best coastal fare in the area, and these restaurants make culinary excellence easy.

Food is one thing that makes traveling to new places a fun experience. By traveling from place to place, they have the chance to realize and experience the differences between foods. It is also a good way to explore the culture. It allows the visitor to learn more about a society and its inhabitants.

Therefore, knowing the right place to eat when in a new place is a crucial thing. Once you discover the best restaurants, everything about food becomes easy to manage. When visiting Virginia Beach, it’s the same case. With so many restaurants, knowing the best ones for delicious bites can be tricky. Here are the top 10.

ten Terrapine

This is a fine dining venue in Virginia Beach with a very unique and sophisticated environment. Terrapin is a restaurant that has built its reputation in the region by offering the best. One of its unique and popular dishes is Lynnhaven oysters. The restaurant has a beautiful terrace for comfortable relaxation. The menu also includes organic products and seafood. It has a well-trained chef and a wide range of recipes.

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9 not italian

As the name suggests, this is the place to go for anyone interested in Italian cuisine in Virginia Beach. not italian is a restaurant that has made a name for itself for preparing the best Italian dishes in the region. They are also known for making their own type of pizzas as well as pastas and classic dishes. The ability to come up with their own awesome dishes is what makes this place a favorite for many people.

8 Local restaurant by the bay

Bay’s Local Restaurant is a restaurant with multiple joints in Virginia Beach. One is along Laskin Road. The restaurant still has a great and spacious setting to make it great since customers don’t feel crowded. It’s also a good place for someone looking for a place to dine. It serves a variety of mimosas and has a brunch menu.

7 Blue seafood and spirits

The best seafood restaurant in Virginia Beach. It is also a spacious restaurant with more than 60 covers for its customers. Blue Seafood is chef-owned and focused on making quality food all the time. Their award-winning crab soup is worth trying. Other dishes are crab cakes, fish dishes and even homemade chocolate bread pudding. Plus, they sell local beers, wines, and cocktails.

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6 Mazari Kebab And More

Mazari Kebab is a restaurant that was founded in 2016 and has grown rapidly to gain many customers. It is a family run restaurant that offers a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern type ambience. One of their popular dishes is fresh gyros and kebab. They also serve freshly seasoned meats anytime and never frozen. For those looking for fresh yet authentic Mediterranean dishes, this is the place to go.

5 common

Commune is a restaurant that offers a very unique setting where its tables and furniture have an arty and creative design and is located in the ViBe District. The restaurant is really a good place to help someone calm down and relax. With Commune serving over 90% local ingredients, it’s good for people who want to experience what Virginia Beach is all about. Sweet potato dishes are easily found among other interesting dishes.

4 The Bee & The Biscuit

Bee & The Biscuit restaurant is very popular for serving amazing breakfast and lunch. It is a charming neighborhood where people can meet even for a coffee. The setting is very unique and they serve a variety of dishes including sandwiches, French toast and even eggs benedict. It is also strategically located next to Princess Anne Road.

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3 Blue Pete’s

Although this is a small fishing and marina house founded in 1972, it has lived up to its purpose and is one of the more peaceful restaurants. It’s a very easy place that serves a variety of seafood options and creative dishes alike. The restaurant has also won a few awards for its good food. Crab soup is a very popular dish to try at this restaurant.

2 Aldo’s Ristorante

Aldo’s Ristorante is located in the La Promenade Distinctive shopping district. It’s next to Kroger Square. It is an Italian style type of restaurant that is very popular for serving wood-fired pizza in the area. Among other things, Aldo’s Ristorante serves Italian cuisine and lots of wine. It has become a favorite spot for many people visiting the surrounding mall. A unique part of this restaurant is its setting. It provides a calm and relaxed environment for customers. As it has a spacious area, it is easy to meet up with friends and enjoy their pizzas together.

1 Penang City

The city of Penang is one such area ideal for dine-in and take-out. It is a popular restaurant in Virginia Beach for its amazing cuisine dishes. It is well known for its friendly staff and unparalleled services. The restaurant having a very modern setting, it offers a very good environment. In addition, it offers classic dishes and uses fresh ingredients at all times. Penang offers a very unique setting for visitors who want a place to relax and unwind while they eat. It’s also good for meetings and dinner.

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