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Soldiers Loan

Because of the dangerous occupation, members of the military enjoy great respect for civilians, but they are quickly forgotten after leaving service. At this time, the retirees are the most vulnerable.

The most common problems include:


  • High unemployment rate of military veterans.
  • High homelessness (up to a quarter of homeless people in the US are veterans).
  • High suicide rate in the military (the number of suicides in 2009 for the first time exceeded the number of soldiers killed in combat).

Many problems can be caused by the so-called Gulf War Syndrome . This syndrome affects both physical and mental health and occurs especially with soldiers on missions abroad.

Some soldiers also face unpleasant surprises when they return home. Instead of loving fiancees or wives at home, they find only a few of their belongings and an empty account .

But simpler reasons are enough – unexpected expenses, such as breaking a car.


American loans are fast and cheap

American loans are fast and cheap

Banks and non-banking institutions therefore meet soldiers, veterans and their families with bargain loans. These special loans for soldiers are very cheap or even interest-free and people can borrow from $ 500 to $ 10,000 . Thanks to these loans, soldiers on foreign missions can quickly solve unexpected expenses at home.

Even in the Czech Republic it is possible to borrow money without interest , but it usually means relying on family, friends or one-off projects from grant funds. In short, short-term loans will solve the rapid need for smaller amounts.

In addition to low prices, other specifics of US loans include:

  • Flexible repayment period
  • loan approval within 24 hours,
  • money on hand or bill.


Prevention comes first in the Czech Republic


In the Czech Republic, loans for soldiers are far from the tradition of the US. While some providers offer them, their terms are far from the American ones. Yet the Czech soldiers have similar financial problems as the American ones.

However, the help is going in a slightly different direction thanks to the Bank Association . This association supports veterans and soldiers in general and includes free financial / debt advice.

This prevents the soldiers from getting into a debt trap and, at the same time, members of the Association negotiate with insurance companies and other financial institutions to take into account the specifics of working in the military when providing services.

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