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Quick loans, since they emerged in their present form, have been surrounded by a forest of opinions, opinions and rumors. Not infrequently, these have a direct negative tone and circulate stories and reports of people who, in the heat of the moment, have taken quick loans, often for pleasure or consumption, fast loans that have caused not only difficulties but in some cases total destruction of the entire borrower’s private finances. It is true that such cases exist and that is something that authorities, the media and the industry have been quick to report. More information at

Authorities want to prevent citizens from getting into financial hardship


Which costs the citizen also costs the state. Therefore, the requirements have also been tightened when it comes to assessing a person’s repayment ability in a credit report. The media wants stories to tell and stories about people who, in their view, have been able to, more or less subconsciously, take quick loans that have ruined their finances are of course both dramatic and engaging.

The industry, in turn, does not want it to get a bad reputation, players in the market who misbehave hurt the confidence of those who do. But there is also the aspect that some established players do not like to see too much competition, the one who can not keep up with the development inevitably makes losses and of course you want to avoid that.

These and other aspects have given rise to rumors and perceptions that can be good to look into, and, if possible, pinpoint what is true or false and what can be clarified.

Not necessarily better interest rates at established banks

Not necessarily better interest rates at established banks

A common task that circulates is that one should turn to established players in the market as these, unlike businesses that offer fast loans, can demonstrate that they have better interest rates. Of course, this should be discussed on a case-by-case basis and from bank to bank, but in general, you can say that many major banks offer very low interest rates, but provided they have security for this. If you, as a bank, know that you can take someone’s house, it is easier to be benevolent with the interest rate, so the perception that you get better conditions with them is a truth with modification, especially if you cannot offer the required security.

It is natural for banks to be more careful about security, unlike their newly emerged competitors, other and more expenses are tied to their operations, such as local costs. There are aspects that you can easily understand, but it is not so certain that you, as a borrower, earn it for that matter.

The interest rate on the loan is not as flexible as you think

The interest rate on the loan is not as flexible as you think

When you take out a loan at a bank, one of the most common selling techniques is that you can change the interest rate later, something that you as a borrower can take as a promise that interest expenses can be more advantageous if you just take the loan now and wait a while.

It gives you a sense of security, which means that you might opt ​​out, for example, of the opportunity to take a quick loan. It is certainly true that as a bank you can adjust interest rates, but these must unconditionally relate to the policy rate set by the Riksbank, and it immediately puts forward the proposal for adjustment later in part on other days.

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Loan market glossary – All important words and concepts! Sat, 26 Oct 2019 11:42:55 +0000

We have collected the most common words that can appear in connection with loan applications. If you miss a word, feel free to contact us.

Common words


Quick loan – A collective term that applies to smaller loans and credits that are usually on lower amounts and with shorter repayment periods.

SMS loan – Another type of fast loan where the name comes from the fact that you initially asked for a loan by sending an SMS. An easier and faster way to get a smaller loan.

Without UC – To make a credit report that does not use UC (The Information Center) but instead uses other credit information companies such as Bisnode or Creditsafe. However, a credit report must always be made every time a customer requests a loan.

Payment note – If an invoice or similar is not paid and the company passes it on to the chancellor, you can get a payment note which then reduces your chances of getting a loan in the future. The payment note is later shown on a credit report.

Effective interest rate – The interest rate on a loan is what determines how much you need to repay. Effective interest rates include all fees that exist such as mortgage fees etc. to give you the actual value you need to pay for the loan per year.



There are many different lenders that attract interest-free loans. Usually it is only for new customers and applies to low amounts with short repayment periods. This should be considered as a kind of advertising to attract new customers.

Delay Interest Rate – If you let an invoice or monthly fee on a loan fall due, the lender can charge an interest which is then ongoing until the amount in question is paid. The amount of interest depends on the lender.

Amortization – When you choose to repay, you repay parts of the loan instead of just paying interest. In this way, the size of your loan decreases.

Amortization Time – This is the time your loan is over. You will be immediately informed of the amount of time you spend on the loan. In many cases, you can also repay the loan earlier if you have the option of not paying more interest.

Credit Check – This is done every time someone applies for a loan. Such an examination is to verify whether the person in question is considered able to repay the loan. Many different aspects are verified.

Application fee 

Application fee 

In some cases, there is an application fee for taking a quick loan. These types of loans should be avoided as it should only cost money once the loan has been accepted.

Startup fee – Many lenders use some kind of startup fee, especially for loans with lower amounts. This fee should always be taken into account when calculating how much a loan will cost in the end.

Account Credit – This type of quick loan works similar to a credit card where you have a certain amount of money you can use but only pay interest on the amount you actually charged. This can be perfect if you do not know how much you need to pay such as a building or vacation.

Direct Payments – Many lenders now have a system where you can get your money into your account within a few minutes or hours. This is if you get the loan granted before a certain time of day. However, it is required that you and your lender use the same bank for this to work.

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Quick loan for summer vacation Fri, 11 Oct 2019 11:33:45 +0000 Summer and holidays should, according to most, involve sun, rest and recharging of the batteries. For many, however, these weeks each year run the risk of being turned into something that does not include any of the above.

In addition, the time after the holiday can be a difficult period if you fall into the trap that many people risk being exposed to when deciding that the sun should be sought out, cost whatever it costs. Quick loans for travel are an easy and convenient way to quickly get to where the sun is and the perfect vacation can finally get started. However, there are many aspects to this that should be taken into account.

Spending increases during the summer


Even if you do not have a holiday, the expenses tend to increase during the summer. From down-to-earth expenses like the whole family now eating all meals at home to the costs that travel and holidays like Midsummer inevitably bring. If your friends call and want you to enjoy the only sunny summer evening with you for a long time, maybe on an outdoor terrace or someone’s patio, you don’t say no, especially if it seems to be a weather-alarming summer.

On occasions like these, it is easy to think that you are living only once and you then treat yourself to a quick loan to be able to enjoy fully before the fall comes creeping. It is human but risky and therefore one should think about not being in a financially vulnerable situation when September begins.

Quick loans and holidays – to think about

Quick loans and holidays - to think about

The many warnings that have been expressed regarding fast loans in recent years give a slight impression that this is something that should be kept away from, above all, one can think that it is money that you should definitely not spend on entertainment, such as holiday trips. Of course, so strict you don’t have to be, but you have to keep track of your finances, before, during and after the summer.

  • What does my economy stand for?
  • When are quick loans, interest and fees to be paid, are there resources for that?
  • What does your income and expenditure look like in the future?
  • Do they cover the expense as a quick loan after all?

Think in advance what it is you spend money on. Did the whole tax bearing go to the fun? What are you prepared to pull down when the fall comes? Is it worth it?

Look carefully at the terms of lending


There are many players in the market and all come with different offers. Which fits your economy best? Interest rates and fees vary from company to company and it can make a big difference to how your loan affects your finances in the long run.

Be careful about the size of the loan. Is it necessary to take out a loan that covers both the holiday trip and other expenses? Will you have money left over even after the holidays? Families with children should keep in mind that children, especially children who attend school, may need new clothes before school starts, to name just one of all potential expenses that may emerge when summer passes in the fall.

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Read more about Good Finance’s price guarantee offer for its fast loans Sat, 14 Sep 2019 11:47:46 +0000

The Good Finance slogan is “guaranteed cheaper than fast loans”. It is perhaps a somewhat strange slogan for a company that is active in just a fast loan. What is meant is the opportunity the customers have to get any better offers matched. In short, Good Finance matches all other offers to be the cheapest.

This is how Good Finance’s price guarantee works

This is how Good Finance

The price guarantee offer is an uncomplicated story. Should you find a quick loan with lower costs than Good Finance offers, the lender will match the cheaper offer. To further reward you, you will also receive an additional discount of 10%.

The price guarantee does not apply to all types of loans, but only those that can be directly compared with Good Finance’s loan product. It is about:

  • Loan sums of between USD 1,000 – 30,000
  • Maturities of 30, 60 or 90 days.

It is therefore not possible to invoke the price guarantee for, for example, a fast loan of USD 5000, which will be repaid over six months.

There are also some other exceptions. Loans that may be free of interest and fees are not covered by the guarantee. Nor can it be relied upon for temporary offers from other lenders. Credits with individual interest rates are another exception, as are peer to peer loans. For more information about the offer, please see Good Finance’s terms and conditions.

Important to know is that the guarantee is not an obligation on the lender to repay money to you. The guarantee only applies if you, before applying for a loan from Good Finance, can show a cheaper offer from another operator. Your “reward” for discovering the cheaper competitor will be the match and the 10% discount.

Quick loans at Good Finance


What kind of loan product does Good Finance really offer? You can read all the details in our review of Good Finance. Here is a brief summary of the offer.

The product is a current account credit. What this means is that the repayment and thus also the maturity is flexible. Thus, it is not so that your loan amount should be amortized over a certain number of months. Of course, however, there is a minimum amount to pay each month. How large that amount will be depends on how much you borrow.

The lowest and highest loan amounts are USD 1000 and USD 30,000 respectively. On that amount, interest is calculated monthly at 2.17%. How much you borrow does not matter. The interest rate is always 2.17% regardless of whether you borrow for example USD 5,000 or USD 10,000. There is a relatively low price for this type of credit, which is why Good Finance can offer a price guarantee.

Without annual fees, setup fees and newspaper fees, the effective annual interest rate will be below 30%. In addition, it should be mentioned that the lack of fees means that the entire interest expense is deductible (up to 30%) on tax paid.

Example of monthly interest: You apply for a credit of USD 8000. The interest rate per month will then be USD 173.

Flexible repayment

Flexible repayment

The design for Good Finance’s quick loan makes the product an alternative to credit cards and credit accounts. You can get quick withdrawals when you need money quickly and can pay back pretty much at your own pace.

Some months you may settle for the smallest monthly amount while paying a little more other months. Of course, it does not cost extra to redeem part or all of the credit early.

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How do you cancel a payday loan? Sat, 24 Aug 2019 13:03:10 +0000

How do you cancel a payday loan? How is it done? Surely you ask yourself this question if you are about to request one. But, as you imagine, if you finally do not need the money or have already recovered it, you can go back and cancel it. Of course, it is important that you know how to do it.

How to cancel a payday loan

How to cancel a personal loan

First of all, what does it mean to cancel a payday loan? It means terminating a contract by returning the money that the financial institution has lent along with the interests associated with the operation.

A cancellation of a payday loan can be made at any time. What reasons lead us to do it? These are the main ones:

Reasons to cancel a loan

Reasons to cancel a loan

  • The financial product is no longer interesting for the user
  • The user has found another payday loan that fits more
  • Money is already available and canceled to save interest
  • All debts are canceled to join them in a single loan and thus pay a single monthly fee

These are some of the main reasons that lead many users to cancel loans that are still within the deadline.

How do you cancel a payday loan?

How do you cancel a personal loan?

One of the best options is opting for full early repayment. If you already have the payday loan contracted, it is best to return the money that is pending in a single payment. The earlier it is returned, the lower the interest payable. So if this is your case, it is the option that suits you best.

At higher interest rates, some entities may charge commissions for this operation. A commission that at the time will be greater than 1% of the capital if there are more than 12 months left before the end of the term, nor more than 0.5% if the term is less than 1 year.

However, early repayment is not the only option. You can also opt for the right of withdrawal of a credit.

Right of withdrawal of a credit: what is it?

Right of withdrawal of a credit: what is it?

That is, subject to this law, any user can cancel the loan requested. But yes, within 14 calendar days from the form of the contract. It exists in case the user regrets at any time of the contracted product and decides to go back. In these cases, that possibility exists.

This cancellation, being a ‘right of withdrawal of a credit’ say that it has no commission or additional cost. Only the requested money and the interest generated up to that day should be paid.

Therefore, to cancel a payday loan based on the ‘right of withdrawal of a loan’, it should be communicated in this way to the financial entity in which said loan has been requested.

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Anticipate the vagaries of life with the purchase of credit and savings Thu, 22 Aug 2019 12:42:57 +0000

The vagaries of life often lead us to undertake one or more exceptional expenses such as paying for a new car or undertaking work in the dwelling, etc. So, let’s ask ourselves the right questions! How to organize your monthly budget to anticipate the future? How to fix a difficult financial solution to get off to a good start?

Create a programmed savings

Create a programmed savings

The ideal is to build up savings programmed upstream in order to have liquidity in the event that a hazard of life resulting in an exceptional expense occurs. For this, individuals have access to various savings books that are regulated by the state. Depending on the nature of the savings book, the individual saver finds advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to make the right choices to make your money grow and benefit from precautionary savings quickly!

Remember that among regulated savings books, there is  can be held by each of us in exchange for a minimum payment of ten euros at the opening. Must savings product to ensure a first pot. But also the LDDS (Sustainability and Solidarity Booklet). The particularity of the LDDS allows the holders to give up a portion of the interest in order to obtain a tax benefit associated with the donation paid to an association.

Thanks to the sums capitalized through the various savings booklets regulated or not, you can thus face the vagaries of the life by drawing the necessary cash when it is necessary without appealing to credit! However, when savings are unavailable and the accumulation of consumer credit is present, then it is strongly recommended to look into a credit buy-back study.

Private Manager: Credit Redemption

Private Manager: Credit Redemption

As a good account manager, we are not immune to financial difficulties in the face of the vagaries of life. It must not be forgotten that the vagaries of life require obtaining a cash envelope as soon as possible to deal with it. A good account manager knows how to set up an intelligent management of his money. And this in order to be able to build up liquidity over time through one or more programmed savings. But sometimes it is insufficient!

Once exhausted, the mistake is not to get bogged down in an accumulation of cash loans. Credit on credit, so the budget management of the home deteriorates over the months, and the risk of being sucked into an excessive circle of debt is real! It would be unfortunate to see a whole strategy of budget management collapse to make room for a state of degraded accounts. Overcoming the financial problems is not inevitable when one has made the choice to set up a financial restructuring operation of the loan consolidation type.

Indeed, it recommends to rethink in its entirety the management of the budget. It begins with a reorganization of consumer credits in repayment. These last ones do not have to be at the base. The setting up of a credit repurchase Gradgrindment responds perfectly to the situation. By decreasing the amount of monthly payments up to -60%, this frees up more purchasing power for expenses and needs of everyday life.

The purchase of credit offers the individual manager the advantage of anticipating a difficult financial situation by remodeling the management of the household budget. For more information find out how it works the credit redemption?

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Seniors do not escape financial problems Mon, 05 Aug 2019 15:08:54 +0000 We hear almost daily about the fragile financial situation of Quebec households. Bankruptcy cases are on the rise, average household debt is rising rapidly, purchasing power is declining, and so on. On the other hand, what is less headlines is the debt problems experienced by our seniors.

Most recently, Good Finance and Honest Canada asked about retirement indebtedness. The main conclusion of their study is that indebtedness, especially mortgage debt, is rising sharply among Canadians aged 55 and over.

Retired and mortgaged

Retired and mortgaged

In 2015, 16.5% of people over 55 have a mortgage to repay, up 10% from 2013. The number of mortgaged seniors is not the only number on the rise; the average mortgage balance is also up. In fact, it jumped 11% between 2013 and 2015, from $ 158,000 to $ 176,000.

People over 70 are not spared either. They have an average mortgage balance of $ 140,000 and their overall debt has increased by 12% between 2013 and 2015.

This situation is most alarming because people in this age group usually do not have a lot of income and every dollar counts. The financial balance of the latter should be positive, in theory at least.

Late payments

Late payments

According to a September 14 Honest Canada report, the 90-day + default rate for people aged 65 and over has increased for the first time since 2010. In fact, it climbed 2.4% this quarter compared with a decrease of 5.1% in the previous quarter.

“In light of the fact that, for some time now, seniors’ debt has grown faster than other age groups, we will be watching this trend closely in the coming quarters. Says Lina, senior director of Decision Making at Honest Canada.

Bankruptcies and consumer proposals follow suit

Bankruptcies and consumer proposals follow suit

Not surprisingly, this increase in indebtedness among seniors is reflected in an increase in the number of insolvency files (bankruptcies and consumer proposals) filed by them.

The increase is 4,238 for 2014 compared to 3,914 for 2013. This is 8.28% more over a one-year period. The situation is particularly worrying when put in context with the provincial increase which was only 4% for the same period, all age groups combined.

The causes


The top three reasons identified for seniors retiring in debt are:

  • Debts accumulated over a long period to offset the costs of living, family needs and medical expenses.
  • Debts incurred in order not to default on mortgage payments and interest accrued on unsecured debts.
  • Taxes to pay on additional income and withdrawals from their pension fund.

The firm also explains that with almost half of the senior debt found on their credit cards, it is not surprising that the accumulated interest weighs heavily in the balance.

Increasingly, Canadians are starting to retire without having the time or the means to save enough money to ensure their financial health for years to come. It is a social problem that is transforming the face of the so-called “golden age”.

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Why Should I Compare Loans? Sun, 28 Jul 2019 15:21:56 +0000

Each coin has two sides. An easily accessible loan can hide higher interest rates, while loans at a favorable rate can be burdened by extra charges and also by more demanding administration. You can apply for a loan from both your bank and non-bank providers. The choice is up to you, but a serious step, which is undoubtedly always a loan, should be preceded by mature consideration. Take some time and navigate the current offer. Careful picking saves you considerable costs and also minimizes risk.


High interest?


The first parameter to compare loans is usually the amount of interest. The media often haunts us with the disadvantages of high interest rates. In fact, the non-banking sector offers significantly more affordable products. They do not exclude parents from maternity, students, unemployed or clients registered in the register of debtors. They work with a higher risk and this is balanced by a higher interest rate. However, high interest is not the only cost to pay for the repayment. When applying for a loan, the total amount repaid may be increased by the fees for loan approval, administrative fees, penalties for early repayment, or even account maintenance.

Compare all the costs you will have to pay in a clear list. You may find that a less attractive loan with a higher interest rate is cheaper.


Quick and easy handling?

Quick and easy handling?

Equally important is to organize the conditions under which the loan will be provided to you. If you apply for a loan exceptionally, you have an advantage in permanent employment, then your starting situation is easier. However, even in a disadvantageous situation, you can use the optimum solution. Gibo Osman offers available loans to all applicants. It does not lay down conditions in demanding administration, proof of income, nor in the control of the registry. All communication is done online. Literally, in a matter of minutes, you will complete a clearly structured application. Automated systems will equally quickly evaluate your application and report back approval. It also transfers the requested amount to your account. A loan can really be that fast and simple.


Will I be late in repayment or will I repay the loan prematurely?

Will I be late in repayment or will I repay the loan prematurely?

The conditions during the repayment are also crucial in the comparison. Perhaps you are only dealing with bridging time, dealing with a few days of delayed payout, and with a loan you only need to cover a few necessary expenses. Will the loan be subject to early repayment penalty? Will you have to keep the original number of installments and deadline, or will the provider allow you to simply get off the loan sooner?

You have to think about the back door, otherwise. Your unpleasant situation continues to complicate and you will find that he will not make the best possible payment in time. How fast will the penalty be followed? Can you count on adjusting the payment schedule?

Browse Gibo Osman for inspiration. All information about the on-line loans provided can be found on a single well-arranged website. You can even use the interactive calculator, which will immediately show you the real amount and the number of installments for the amount of the loan. Objectively you decide on the advantages and possibilities of the loan and solve the difficult period with minimal negative impacts. And with the certainty that every situation has a solution!

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Excise tax – excise duty Sat, 13 Jul 2019 15:03:37 +0000

Excise duty – excise duty, type of selective, single-phase indirect tax (next to taxes on goods and services). Excise duty is an important element of budget revenues on both the national level and local government units. The burden of tax on goods subject to excise duty is passed on to consumers by raising the price for given products or services. Therefore, as a result of excise duty, consumption of goods encompassed by it falls.

Excise duty was introduced primarily for the following reasons:

Excise duty was introduced primarily for the following reasons:

  • fiscal – to increase revenues to the budget,
  • non-fiscal – to strive to reduce the consumption of certain products.

Excise duty is charged to products:

  • rare or high-priced – such as gasoline, electricity,
  • harmful to the health of citizens – alcoholic beverages, tobacco products.

Law basics

Law basics

In Poland, excise duty is mainly regulated by the provisions set out in:

  • the Act of 6 December 2008 on excise duty,
  • ordinances of the Minister of Finance, which were issued on the basis of a delegation in the abovementioned Act.

Taxpayers of excise duty

The taxpayers of excise duty are:

  • legal persons,
  • natural persons who are producers or importers of excise goods,
  • organizational units without legal personality that perform taxed activities.

Subject of excise duty taxation

The subject of taxation with excise duty are activities whose subject is excise goods, i.e.

  • petroleum products and synthetic liquid fuels,
  • gas weapons and firearms,
  • Electricity,
  • special equipment for entertainment facilities not specifically mentioned,
  • cars,
  • sea-going yachts,
  • high-end electronic equipment and video cameras,
  • salt,
  • beautifying and perfumery products,
  • playing cards, excluding playing cards for children,
  • hides and skins of fur of precious animals and products made of these hides,
  • products of the spirit and yeast industry, excluding yeast,
  • wine products,
  • beer,
  • tobacco products,
  • sailing boats, motor boats and boats adapted to engines (wooden, plastic and other materials), excluding fishing, working and rescue boats,
  • other alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of more than 1.2%,
  • gas used to power motor vehicles and to fill tourist cylinders weighing up to 5 kg.

Excise tax and turnover taxes

Differences between excise duty and turnover tax relate to the manner of determining the subject and subject of taxation. Above all, excise duty is levied only on certain goods, while turnover tax is common. In addition, the excise entities are producers and importers of excise goods regardless of the organizational and legal form. Payment of excise duty not based on other fees resulting from general VAT rules. Excise tax is included in the price of the product and only from this value a tax on goods and services is charged.

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Soldiers Loan Fri, 05 Jul 2019 15:38:43 +0000

Because of the dangerous occupation, members of the military enjoy great respect for civilians, but they are quickly forgotten after leaving service. At this time, the retirees are the most vulnerable.

The most common problems include:


  • High unemployment rate of military veterans.
  • High homelessness (up to a quarter of homeless people in the US are veterans).
  • High suicide rate in the military (the number of suicides in 2009 for the first time exceeded the number of soldiers killed in combat).

Many problems can be caused by the so-called Gulf War Syndrome . This syndrome affects both physical and mental health and occurs especially with soldiers on missions abroad.

Some soldiers also face unpleasant surprises when they return home. Instead of loving fiancees or wives at home, they find only a few of their belongings and an empty account .

But simpler reasons are enough – unexpected expenses, such as breaking a car.


American loans are fast and cheap

American loans are fast and cheap

Banks and non-banking institutions therefore meet soldiers, veterans and their families with bargain loans. These special loans for soldiers are very cheap or even interest-free and people can borrow from $ 500 to $ 10,000 . Thanks to these loans, soldiers on foreign missions can quickly solve unexpected expenses at home.

Even in the Czech Republic it is possible to borrow money without interest , but it usually means relying on family, friends or one-off projects from grant funds. In short, short-term loans will solve the rapid need for smaller amounts.

In addition to low prices, other specifics of US loans include:

  • Flexible repayment period
  • loan approval within 24 hours,
  • money on hand or bill.


Prevention comes first in the Czech Republic


In the Czech Republic, loans for soldiers are far from the tradition of the US. While some providers offer them, their terms are far from the American ones. Yet the Czech soldiers have similar financial problems as the American ones.

However, the help is going in a slightly different direction thanks to the Bank Association . This association supports veterans and soldiers in general and includes free financial / debt advice.

This prevents the soldiers from getting into a debt trap and, at the same time, members of the Association negotiate with insurance companies and other financial institutions to take into account the specifics of working in the military when providing services.

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